3 Protocols

In my opinion all three are man-made diseases and can be treated naturally by dealing with the underlying causes. drbarryBy removing food allergies, cleaning the body of any metal or chemical toxicity and dealing with any subsequent immune issues.

  • The first step is cleaning the body up then helping to restore function.
  • It is also important to remove any irritants like metal, chemical, and immune dysbiosis.
  • Most nutritional programs takes about 12 weeks.
  • Remember your body is dysfunctioning for a while before you are actually diagnosed with a disease. Therefore, the healing process will take some time to heal naturally.


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High Cholesterol

  • The organ that we focus on is the liver/gallbladder.
  • The most common medication prescribed are statins.
  • They block an enzyme within the liver from producing cholesterol thereby lowering your cholesterol number, but not fixing the underlying cause.

GERD/Acid Reflux

  • The most common medications prescribed for this is Zantac. Zantac is a Proton Pump Inhibitor which interferes with your stomachs ability to produce acid. Over-the-counter most common used Tums (main ingredient is calcium carbonate).
  • These medication only stop the body from producing acid and only mask the symptoms.
  • The excessive acid is really coming from undigested food that is being eaten away by the Gut Flora that is out of balance and releasing acid as a byproduct
  • It is always better to restore function and treat the cause.
  • The digestive track is where foreign material comes in contact with your internal body. Its function is to absorb the good nutrients and keep out the bad ones.
  • Along our way we will remove food allergies (change your diet), help restore your stomach lining, balance pH and give you good gut flora.

High Blood Pressure

  • The medications prescribed for this are diuretics.
  • Their major purpose is to make you urinate more hence reducing the fluid volume within your body and thereby lowering your blood pressure.
  • In my opinion this only changes the number, but doesn’t fix the problem.
  • Our major focus for this will be the kidney. Its function is to remove toxins and excess proteins from the body. If those proteins are not removed the settle in the joints and cause inflammation.

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